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At Pukar, we are the bridge between social consciousness and captivating storytelling. With a team of seasoned filmmakers, we merge our deep understanding of 

societal dynamics with cinematic expertise. Our mission is to bring narratives to life that not only entertain but also enlighten, inspire, and ignite conversations. 

With years of experience in the film industry, we’re dedicated to crafting stories that resonate with hearts and minds, fostering positive change one frame at a time. 

Join us in our journey to create impactful cinema that leaves an indelible mark on both art and society.




Founder Member


Anand Pagare is a social Activist from Nasik, India. As a media activist, he has solved the problems of thousands of families. Being a human rights defender, many of his films and documentaries appear to learning, make change and raising voice for humanity. As a filmmaker and video activist, he has received many honors from society and government. In this media movement, which has been going on for 20 years, is now being carried forward independently through Pukar Films Productions.

Maya Muktai is a media activist. She has brought justice to thousands of people through video. She is well known in the social sphere as a human rights defender. Her journey from rag picker to filmmaker is astounding. This uneducated woman who earns her living by collecting garbage has creat her identity as a filmmaker through a difficult struggle. Now she is making a name for herself in the society under various names like media activist, human rights defender, artist, film maker.

Core Team

Rohit Pagare

Rohit is a rising face as a young filmmaker and artist. Till date, he has played the lead role in many short movies. He has a good hold in mobile film making. Rohit has good experience of making quality films at low cost. Short films made under his direction have also won the Best Direction and Best Film awards at National Film Festivals.

Ashwini Gangurde

Ashwini is a budding artist and a good storyteller who lends a hand to Pukar Film Production in quality production. Ashwini’s compositions have also been praised by the production clients. Ashwini has been associated with films since 3 years.

Bhausaheb Aher

He is recognized as a social activist. He is associated with many NGOs as media guide and coordinator. He has worked as a programmer for Community Radio and Community Video. As a good content creator and public relation, he is handling the work of Pukar Films Production.

Kiran More

Kiran is a media activist. He believes that the film medium is an effective medium for social change.  He has been associated with the film medium for 15 years and has become an important part of our company.As an executive producer, he handled the work of Pukar Films Production.

Office Address

CONT NO. +91 77 44 05 16 05
E-Mail ID – pukarfilmsproduction@gmail.com, anandpagare81@gmail.com